Brazilian Market Business Development

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and currently occupies the position of the sixth largest economy. With the abundance of natural resources, technology, oil reserves and self sustainability, Brazil has become a desirable place in which to do business.

CEO and founder of G3 America, Lucas Rodriges says, “It is incredibly rewarding to see how far Brazil has come. Obviously, being born in Brazil and understanding the culture, I know there is a lot to improve. However, the economic stabilization and government efforts for the last 15 years have put Brazil in a solid place to welcome international investors and companies. There are certain aspects of doing business in Brazil that require close attention and that is the main reason we feel that we offer considerably valuable insight and business advice for companies and clients desiring to do business in Brazil. We have established well-trusted relationships that help us to develop and execute business development plans thereby assisting clients with excellent, efficient and trustworthy services”.

G3 America assists clients in developing, leading, executing and managing business development projects in the Brazilian market. Some of our services are as follow:

  • Business Development and Planning
  • Market Analysis, Competitors and Opportunities
  • Development of Marketing Strategic Plan and Execution
  • Legal Assistance – Trade and Legal Requirements
  • Logistics and Transportation Arm Development
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources and the Hiring Process
  • Others

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G3 America would like to thank you in advance and looking forward to serving you with your next Brazilian Market Business Development project in the near future.