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Growing Your Company From The Inside Out – Business Discipleship Culture

When comes down to grow businesses, owners would typically think about different ways to market their company, using different venues, which by the way is valid and owners should do that anyway. It is called external growth. However, what most business owners don’t think about or don’t pay attention to is to promote internal growth as intentionally as it can be, to serve their employees with their needs and to provide them a vision, path and tools to become the best they can be.

Internal Growth Process – Discipleship Culture

To most of business owners, the most painful part of growing a business is “growing their team”. And, naturally we can say that business owners would love to clone themselves, thinking that would be the answer to their problems. And if doing the right way would definitely be the ultimate answer and the way to go. The question is: what is the right way of doing this so called Internal Growth?

The answer is Business Discipleship Culture and it starts from the top. A team of employees are no different than a team of disciples. They are the life of the company and they are the ones that represent you as a company, which means they will share what they hear and learn and they will do as they see and witness from you. So it is fair to say that if you, as a company leader, lack on certain areas so will your employees and correction needs to take place before moving forward.

Establishing a discipleship culture is a process to correct and define the ideal leadership character and employees to fulfill the vision (mission) over and over again!

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Develop Your Internet Marketing Strategy – Marketing Strategy South Florida

Are you seeking substantial business growth? If you are, you should consider developing an Internet Marketing Strategy. It brings tremendous business revenue and potential growth if strategized with a purpose and direction. It grants you access to customers, clients and markets to which you wouldn’t likely have access. It is a tool that if well developed and managed should bring substantial growth.

G3 America develops and manages efficient and revenue goal driven Internet Marketing Plans for companies. We consider the industry that clients are related to and how and where interaction would and should take place. There are many different marketing channels and variables to be explored and therefore the importance of creating a plan and strategy becomes the key, so is to create individual and custom plans. Unlike most of the Internet Marketing Companies, G3 America brings a lot of business development experience to the process of creating the strategic internet marketing plan and not only point the client in the right direction, but advises on potential opportunities to maximize “blind spots”. We feel the importance and need to understand and research every business plan in which we get involved to maximize opportunities and consequently ROI.

Internet Marketing is a constant process moving forward, changing and adapting accordingly. Time and financial resources are required to accomplish effective results. Customization and Optimization are required and needed and should be strongly viewed as an investment to the brand and long-term success.

G3 America assists companies to develop, implement, measure and manage their Internet Marketing Strategies successfully. For additional information click on Marketing Strategy South Florida

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Develop and Invest on Relationships To Support Growth – Business Growth Strategy

Cultivating relationships and investing time in it is a smart thing to do on many different levels and it should be a part of your business growth strategy. It is important to grow relationships with the people you currently do business with and to invest time getting to know them, their vision and preferences. That alone will naturally lead to more business.

Strategic AlliancesIn a lot of cases, business owners miss out on opportunities to develop strategic alliances and relationships with potential contributors, associates or clients because their focus and drive were limited to the sale portion of it.

These days, people are interested in developing meaningful relationships above anything else, especially because that there are so many options available. There are exceptions to the rule, but surely this applies to the majority of cases.

It is also important to genuinely take interest in people and what they do; to be proactive in helping them succeed. This goes a long way. There are many different types of relationships you should cultivate to promote business and personal growth, for example:

  • Your Team: get to know your Team individually. Take the time to find out about their needs, desires and visions for their life. Explore their weaknesses and strengths to motivate them to grow. Challenge your Team to work and learn from each other. Promote relationships and be the example
  • Your Clients: develop better ways to serve your clients’ needs. Listen to them and learn their interests
  • Your Alliances: build strong alliances within your industry. Don’t be afraid to share and help others get ahead. Believe it or not, an act of genuine kindness takes you a lot further than you think and you will always be remembered
  • Your Network: you probably heard the expression “giver’s gain”. Be available to help more than to be helped. Make it part of your DNA and be available to people.

These are among the most important relationships you can build to support your growth.

G3 America believes, as one of its core principles, that to treat everyone equally and with the same importance and attention. To develop relationship and serve others are what we love to do and will always look for ways to improve it!

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Develop Your Business Plan And Commit To It Even When You Succeed – Business Growth Strategy

Business Growth StartegyThe first things that come to our mind, when developing our business plan and business growth strategy, is how hard you will have to work and the level of commitment it requires.  This is indeed important for the most part. However, most business owners lack the understanding that it is not only about how to succeed, but how to stay successful!

The higher you climb the ladder, the more visible you become to your industry and competition. Therefore, is important to be ahead, to think ahead and to act ahead if you wish to stay successful. Few things to consider:

  • Invest time and resources on the development of new solutions and be one step ahead of your competition
  • Find time during the week to work on your business and to assess the market to explore new opportunities
  • Be ready for the next season
  • Be up to date with what is happening within your industry
  • Develop leaders among your Team
  • Making more money doesn’t mean you can afford to spend more
  • Have your financial plan in place: plan your growth
  • Be rational and not emotional regarding decisions
  • Seek good counsel and advice
  • Ensure that your employees always share your vision not theirs (motivation)

There are other things to consider, however the case in point is to be proactive and explore growth opportunities around you. Don’t cut corners and always to the right thing, even if it is to help one of your competitors. Success requires doing, being and living!

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Why Should You Train And Invest In Your Employees’ Professional Development? Business Consultant South Florida

Employee Training

Employee Training

Your company can only grow if the people around you grow with you! Otherwise you will be limited to what they can do according to their knowledge, which means your company’s growth and vision will probably be compromised.

There should be a system in place to train your employees from the moment they join the company, not only on procedures, but to educate every single one of them about your company’s vision and model.

The employees’ professional development process should be continual and complemented by tools and efforts to assist your employees on further developing their professional skills to motivate them to grow and possibly to become leaders within your organization. For example:

  • Training prior to Hire: very important to build foundation from the beginning (discipline, trust, follow instructions and abide by the rules)
  • Sharing the same vision: educate your employees about your vision. It has to be about your vision and not theirs, and show how they can grow with it as well.
  • Training after hire: promote constant and periodic training sessions on current systems (sales, customer service etc…)
  • Discipleship Training: your employees represent you, whether you like or not! Make sure to train them and educate them on your company’s mission statement, and most importantly, lead by example!!
  • Developing Leaders/Promotions: part of growth, and one of the most important ones, is to create leaders that will rise to the occasion!
  • Seminars/ Continuing Education: invest in your staff sending them to seminars, trade shows and industry meet-ups. Help them create a large and prosperous vision.

The biggest mistake is to think that it is risky to invest money developing employees or to limit their capabilities thinking that they might leave after awhile. Really, the mistake here is not to train them and they end up staying for 20 years!!

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8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses – Business Development South Florida

The best managers have a fundamentally different understanding of workplace, company, and team dynamics. See what they get right.

A few years back, I interviewed some of the most successful CEOs in the world in order to discover their management secrets. I learned that the “best of the best” tend to share the following eight core beliefs.

1. Business is an ecosystem, not a battlefield.

Average bosses see business as a conflict between companies, departments and groups. They build huge armies of “troops” to order about, demonize competitors as “enemies,” and treat customers as “territory” to be conquered.

Extraordinary bosses see business as a symbiosis where the most diverse firm is most likely to survive and thrive. They naturally create teams that adapt easily to new markets and can quickly form partnerships with other companies, customers … and even competitors.

2. A company is a community, not a machine.

Average bosses consider their company to be a machine with employees as cogs. They create rigid structures with rigid rules and then try to maintain control by “pulling levers” and “steering the ship.”

Extraordinary bosses see their company as a collection of individual hopes and dreams, all connected to a higher purpose. They inspire employees to dedicate themselves to the success of their peers and therefore to the community–and company–at large.

3. Management is service, not control.

Average bosses want employees to do exactly what they’re told. They’re hyper-aware of anything that smacks of insubordination and create environments where individual initiative is squelched by the “wait and see what the boss says” mentality.

Extraordinary bosses set a general direction and then commit themselves to obtaining the resources that their employees need to get the job done. They push decision making downward, allowing teams form their own rules and intervening only in emergencies.

4. My employees are my peers, not my children.

Average bosses see employees as inferior, immature beings who simply can’t be trusted if not overseen by a patriarchal management. Employees take their cues from this attitude, expend energy on looking busy and covering their behinds.

Extraordinary bosses treat every employee as if he or she were the most important person in the firm. Excellence is expected everywhere, from the loading dock to the boardroom. As a result, employees at all levels take charge of their own destinies.

5. Motivation comes from vision, not from fear.

Average bosses see fear–of getting fired, of ridicule, of loss of privilege–as a crucial way to motivate people.  As a result, employees and managers alike become paralyzed and unable to make risky decisions.

Extraordinary bosses inspire people to see a better future and how they’ll be a part of it.  As a result, employees work harder because they believe in the organization’s goals, truly enjoy what they’re doing and (of course) know they’ll share in the rewards.

6. Change equals growth, not pain.

Average bosses see change as both complicated and threatening, something to be endured only when a firm is in desperate shape. They subconsciously torpedo change … until it’s too late.

Extraordinary bosses see change as an inevitable part of life. While they don’t value change for its own sake, they know that success is only possible if employees and organization embrace new ideas and new ways of doing business.

7. Technology offers empowerment, not automation.

Average bosses adhere to the old IT-centric view that technology is primarily a way to strengthen management control and increase predictability. They install centralized computer systems that dehumanize and antagonize employees.

Extraordinary bosses see technology as a way to free human beings to be creative and to build better relationships. They adapt their back-office systems to the tools, like smartphones and tablets, that people actually want to use.

8. Work should be fun, not mere toil.

Average bosses buy into the notion that work is, at best, a necessary evil. They fully expect employees to resent having to work, and therefore tend to subconsciously define themselves as oppressors and their employees as victims. Everyone then behaves accordingly.

Extraordinary bosses see work as something that should be inherently enjoyable–and believe therefore that the most important job of manager is, as far as possible, to put people in jobs that can and will make them truly happy.

To read the entire article go to Inc.com

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The Importance of Investing On Image and Branding – Marketing Strategy South Florida

First impression is, most of the time, the only impression you will have the opportunity to make. You want to make sure you will

Marketing Strategy South Florida

Marketing Strategy South Florida

deliver it accordingly. Therefore, investing in your company’s marketing strategy, image and branding is an important factor to your success and enables you to establish credibility at first glance. 

You should consider the following while developing your marketing startegy and brand: 

Consistence: it is vital to be consistent about your brand, colors and so forth so customers recognize it when they see it. 

Message and call to action: to know and understand your customer base is important in order to create a call to action and message that will seem appealing and suggestive to them. 

Social Activity: be active in your community. Be part of events and support causes. Spend time developing relationships and getting to know people. Most importantly, be genuine about it and do it like you mean it. 

Sponsorship: invest time and resources to support events and organizations that relates to your vision. This is the time and opportunity to impact others in a very big way. It takes time, effort and resources to develop your brand, as it should. It is an investment you can’t afford to miss out and it is required for success. As a business owner you should see this as the most exciting part of all since you have the opportunity, not only to create something cool, but something that will impact many lives.

There are other relevant factors that will impact your brand in a positive way, however you need to start some where in case you haven’t start it yet!

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Four Answers You Must Know When Developing A Business Plan – Business Development Fort Lauderdale

To build strategies that will support your business development, you should consider answer these four questions:
  1. What type of company or professional are you?
  2. What is your customer target?
  3. What is your market?
  4. What is your vision 5 years from now?

Although they all seem easy to answer, often business owners have a hard time answering them for the simple fact that they don’t know how to answer them.

When developing your business growth strategy, it is essential to be very specific and target oriented. Being broad is not an option and could prevent you from growing as planned. Part of being specific about your market and target is to enable you to make the right choices when and how to invest in marketing, employees, training and efforts in general.

Business Development

Business Development South Florida

You should consider aspects such as age, type, and class when deciding who is your ideal customer. When selecting your market, for example, you should consider the area you want to cover and the logistics of it to make sure you can attend to them.

Answering these four questions makes a huge difference and it is never too late. It will direct you and guide you according to your goal and will help you understand where you are and where you are going!!

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Business Development Services – Business Development Fort Lauderdale

Business Development

Fort Lauderdale area offers a lot of opportunities for small businesses to grow. G3 America is a business development company based out of Fort Lauderdale that helps clients and companies to identify niches and opportunities that could potentially increase revenue and support their growth.

Statistics show that a lot of small businesses don’t survive their first year or their first five years. This is partially due to ta lack of planning, organization and so on. There are a few steps that need to be taken to ensure a small business success:

Develop Initial BusinessPlan: determine the vision and goals; search for the right area to develop your business according to target consumer and type and select the initial products and services to offer.  

Develop Financial Plan: plan how to invest and spend money. Also, develop revenue forecast to accommodate the expenses and payouts. It is very important to understand the needs to operate and sustain the business.  

 –Develop Sales and Marketing Plan: plan on how to reach out to potential customers, and the marketing tools that will enable you to accomplish your goal. Develop the sales plan to approach clients and to offer products and services, measure efforts to understand what works and what needs to be changed, and mostly be persistent and focused on your goal at all times.  

Small Business success requires a blend of planning, good strategy and a lot of motivation and desire to make it work. To some having their own business means to follow their passion and make a living out of it and to others, it is just a way that they found to make a career out of it. Nevertheless, the importance and need to develop a business plan will always be there.  

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Market Development Strategy for Small Businesses – Business Development South Florida

Market Development consists on maximizing existent markets and often expanding into new markets. In addition, the focus can be either to develop an entire new product or service line to cater to a complete different industry and market, or to develop an entire new area for the existent products or services. Combining the need to develop products and services to a new industry to explore a different market in a new area can also be an option.

The point: however you decide to expand your company, creating a market development strategy should be your first step to ensure its integrity.   Developing a market strategy helps companies assess and identify potential risks, opportunities and possible disaster. It helps to organize the tasks and their completion by keeping everyone involved accountable and focused on the goal striving for its positive outcome.

The idea to develop a strategy also helps on selecting the proper tools to manage, market, advertise and measure all efforts surrounding it. It prepares to deal with possible challenges and even avoid them, thus saving time and resources.

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