About G3 America Business Development

G3 America is a Business Development Consultant company, lead by CEO and Founder Lucas Rodrigues, who has many years of experience practicing business development, business growth, strategic marketing planning and project management in domestic and international markets.

As a company, we are always looking to serve our clients with the best resources available and effectively making use of our professional skills. As part of our experience, we offer the G3 America DPI principle, which will provide the dynamic and growth-oriented plan that your company needs. Your team will be reinforced in the knowledge that they are growing with your company and an integral part of it, which will give them the extra daily boost needed in our economic environment.

In essence, to grow a business in these times, we understand that a company has to not only exercise daily individual and team values and duties, but also to be up to speed with the growth of the marketplace and how to re-position the company within the market, and assessing all available opportunities with integrity. Due to the phenomenal growth of the Internet, companies have greater chances to grow and explore different opportunities within that world. In some ways, it has been made easier for all of us to participate in this growth; however you need to become involved with the various aspects of Social Marketing and G3 America and its professionals have the resources to help you utilize all the opportunities both within your market and possibly beyond, to new markets.

Lucas Rodrigues, G3 America’s CEO and Founder, has been developing business since 1998 and has had the opportunity to succeed, work, own and manage different businesses in different countries and regions, such as South America, USA and Middle East. He says, “Operating a business is a difficult task, especially in these so-called information driven times. There are many changes in how people are defining their choices and utilizing their purchase power, which brings us to the importance of developing a dynamic and flexible approach to grow your business. In order to grow, it is very important to understand the mind and needs of new customers and how to facilitate their decision making process by matching what they are looking for in terms of products and services. This alone will push you in the right growth direction.”

As its core principle, G3 America follows and applies Biblical practices, such as serving with integrity and genuine interest, respecting one another and honoring our one and only savior Jesus Christ. The greatest insights for business practices are in the Bible, and available to everyone; many successful CEOs have used and continue to use them as their model. We just take the initiative to use and share them for God’s only glory.

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