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Cultivating relationships and investing time in it is a smart thing to do on many different levels and it should be a part of your business growth strategy. It is important to grow relationships with the people you currently do business with and to invest time getting to know them, their vision and preferences. That alone will naturally lead to more business.

Strategic AlliancesIn a lot of cases, business owners miss out on opportunities to develop strategic alliances and relationships with potential contributors, associates or clients because their focus and drive were limited to the sale portion of it.

These days, people are interested in developing meaningful relationships above anything else, especially because that there are so many options available. There are exceptions to the rule, but surely this applies to the majority of cases.

It is also important to genuinely take interest in people and what they do; to be proactive in helping them succeed. This goes a long way. There are many different types of relationships you should cultivate to promote business and personal growth, for example:

  • Your Team: get to know your Team individually. Take the time to find out about their needs, desires and visions for their life. Explore their weaknesses and strengths to motivate them to grow. Challenge your Team to work and learn from each other. Promote relationships and be the example
  • Your Clients: develop better ways to serve your clients’ needs. Listen to them and learn their interests
  • Your Alliances: build strong alliances within your industry. Don’t be afraid to share and help others get ahead. Believe it or not, an act of genuine kindness takes you a lot further than you think and you will always be remembered
  • Your Network: you probably heard the expression “giver’s gain”. Be available to help more than to be helped. Make it part of your DNA and be available to people.

These are among the most important relationships you can build to support your growth.

G3 America believes, as one of its core principles, that to treat everyone equally and with the same importance and attention. To develop relationship and serve others are what we love to do and will always look for ways to improve it!

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